Дизельные ножничные подъёмники Арлифт для высотных работ
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Дизельные ножничные подъёмники Арлифт для высотных работ

Diesel scissor lifts Arlift for high-altitude work



Diesel scissor lifts Arlift is a high—performance lifting, self-propelled equipment designed for a wide range of construction works, capable of replacing scaffolding, facade cradles, turrets, as well as various lifting platforms.

The equipment has security systems, automatic horizontal stabilization, as well as folding handrails for easy transportation and storage. The lifts are equipped with four extendable supports that ensure the stabilization of special equipment in working condition. Thanks to the independent regulation of each of the outriggers, it becomes possible to place them steadily on a raised surface, up to a slope of three degrees (5.24%).

The double-sided additional extension of the platform and the load capacity of 680 kg contribute to the comfortable work of a team of several people, taking into account the availability of the necessary tools and materials.

High ground clearance and a powerful diesel engine allow vehicles to move easily over rough terrain and a construction site.

Diesel scissor lifts, as well as cranked and telescopic lifts with a working height of up to 48.6 meters are available for rent and purchase throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, as well as CIS countries.